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Your unemployment check only goes so far, and may not cover your mortgage payment. Before the situation gets out of control, take some steps prevent losing your home as well as your job. The government has programs to help you lower your mortgage payments, housing counselors that will help you look at your financial situation, and even rental programs which are based on income. To learn more about your options check out and start making some calls to meet with the experts.

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According to the Washington Post…

  • Barbara Sheperd, a librarian in Michigan City, Ind., says an article in a
    Matthew Lesko newsletter led her to a state program that gave her elderly mother
    a low-interest loan to put a new roof on her house.
  • And then there’s the Zufall family, who are dairy farmers in Lisbon, N.Y. Two
    years ago, they bought three of Matthew Lesko’s books and a DVD called " Free
    Money for Everybody." From the DVD, they learned of a local government program
    that gave them $12,000 to help pay for a gravel walkway for their cows.
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