Free Government Help To Pay Bills

198 Free Money Opportunities

  1. $48,000 for Peace and Disarmament
  2. $25,000 Plus a One-Year Lease on a New Car
  3. Job Training for Veterans
  4. Veterans Employment and Training Service and Regional Administrators
  5. Unemployment Compensation When Leaving The Military
  6. Free Accounting Services For Non-Profits and Small Business
  7. Get $150,000 To Send Donated Supplies Overseas
  8. $100,000 To Mentor Children of Prisoners
  9. Dream It, Find It, Get It
  10. $500,000 Grants Available To Non-Profits
  11. Over $500,000 For Parental Assistance Centers
  12. $12,000 to Do Good for Others
  13. $250,000 to Improve the World’s Food Supply
  14. Funding for Helping People
  15. Starting at 40, Seniors Are Protected In the Workplace
  16. Grant Funding for Missionaries
  17. 55+ Get Jobs With EPA
  18. Grants up to $20,000 for Community Projects
  19. Get Free And Low Cost Computer Job Skills
  20. $7,500 for Human Rights and Social Justice
  21. Clearinghouse Of Free Job Help Services
  22. A Job, Education and TrainingFor Over 55
  23. Financial Assistance for Philanthropy Projects
  24. $10,000 Grants for Projects Supporting Worldwide Unity
  25. One-Stop Career Shopping
  26. Over $350,000 for Charitable Causes
  27. Up to $5,000 for Activism Efforts
  28. Free Help If You Lose Your Job Because of Increased Imports
  29. $5,000 to Support Women’sRights
  30. Get More Unemployment Insurance
  31. Up to $5,000 for Activism Efforts
  32. FREE Computers and Technology Equipment
  33. Extended Benefits Program
  34. $20,000 Grants Supporting Women’s Human Rights
  35. Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation Program
  36. Up to $233,000 to Foster Awareness for a Better World
  37. Lesbians Get $2,000 for Lesbian-Related Projects
  38. Show Your Boss How To Get Money To Train You For A Better Job
  39. Money to Sponsor Women-Based Projects
  40. 12,345 Seniors Over 70 Work For Uncle Sam
  41. $7,500 to Plant and Preserve Trees
  42. Up to $30,000 to Advocate for Freedom of Choice
  43. $50,000 to Preserve Ecosystems
  44. Show A Potential Employer How To Get $7,000 To Hire You
  45. Free Resume Writing, On-Line Job Search Training and Free Computers
  46. $8,000 To Train For A New Job
  47. Senior Jobs and Job Training
  48. Start Your Own Non-Profit
  49. One Strike You’re Not Out
  50. Grant Money for Youths
  51. Troubled Teen Training Right in Your Town
  52. Training After the Harvest for Seasonal Farmworkers
  53. Employment Help for Native Americans
  54. Earn Money While You Learn
  55. One-Stop Career Shopping
  56. Job Assistance Close to Home
  57. On the Road to Independence
  58. Food Stamps – Not Just for Groceries Anymore!
  59. The Little Extras
  60. Free Help if You Lose Your Job Because of Increased Imports
  61. Job Corps
  62. Free Training and Money if You’re Laid Off
  63. Learn New Technical Skills
  64. Supplement Your Retirement
  65. $1,200 for Tutoring
  66. $50,000 for Flight Training
  67. $8,000 for Women and Minorities in Construction
  68. Get Paid While You Learn
  69. $7,000 if Retraining Over 55
  70. $10,000 to Train for a New Career
  71. Nurses Receive Financial Help for Bills
  72. Fellowships to Promote Families and Child Welfare
  73. $230 per Week for Interns Promoting Child Safety
  74. $2,000 per Month as a White House Intern
  75. $20,000 to Change Careers
  76. $4,725 to Help Pay Off Student Loans While Making a Difference
  77. Seniors Get Paid to Help Community
  78. Show Your Boss How to Get Money to Train You for a Better Job
  79. Show a Potential Employer How to Get $7,000 to Hire You
  80. Free Legal Help with Bad Employment Agencies and Employment Scams
  81. $$$ Money and Help for Ex-Military Job Seeker
  82. Free Day Care and Car Fare When Training for a New Job
  83. $500 Worth of Dress-For-Success Interview Clothes
  84. Money and Help for Divorced and Widowed Women Job Seekers
  85. Making Money as a Volunteer
  86. Making Money with Internships
  87. $8,000 to Train for a New Job
  88. Free Resume Writing, On-Line Job Search Training and Free Computers
  89. Free Help to Get a Government Job
  90. $8,000 to Train for a New Job
  91. Making Money as a Volunteer
  92. Elderly, Disabled and Low-Income Families Receive FREE Home Revitalization
  93. Free Advice on Funerals & Grief Relief
  94. Money to Educate Children
  95. $25,000 for your Jazz Band to Perform Overseas
  96. Respite Help
  97. $10,000 Grants for High School Seniors
  98. Family Caregiver Support
  99. Trouble In A Foreign Land?
  100. Homeownership Made Possible for Those with Debt Problems
  101. Over $12,500 in Scholarships for Abused Women
  102. $15,000 Service Dogs Free of Charge
  103. $2,000 For Kids To Help the Environment
  104. Free Lawyers to Fight for Your Rights
  105. $30,000 Gifts for Homebuyers
  106. Free Copies of Your Credit Report
  107. Grants for Alzheimer Caregivers
  108. Use Sweat as a Down Payment and Get a No-Interest Loan
  109. How to Keep Your Air Clean of Asbestos
  110. Money for Homes in Urban Renewal Areas
  111. White House Commemorative Certificate For Veterans
  112. $850 Tax Refund for Seniors In Massachusetts
  113. $5,000 Grant To Get Rid Of Lead Paint In Your Home
  114. Free Wheelchairs
  115. Free Help for the First Weeks After Childbirth
  116. Free 10-Year Heart Attack and Body Mass Calculator
  117. Up to $20,000 to Write a Novel
  118. Produce Your Own TV Show For Cable
  119. $25 Day Summer Job as a Park Ranger In Idaho
  120. 50% Airline Discount To Visit Sick Relatives
  121. Two Weeks Free Travel on a Government Weather Ship
  122. Free Nutrition Counseling and Classes
  123. FREE Pharmaceuticals
  124. Get ALL Four Years of College Paid For!
  125. Free Plastic Surgery for Children
  126. Money to Learn Chinese
  127. Special Loans to Help Build a Brand New Home
  128. Get Paid To Be A Teen Counselor In Belize
  129. Free Help Finding A Lost Loved One
  130. Train To Be A Master Gardner
  131. Half-Price Orthodontics and Dentistry
  132. FREE Hearing Aids for Children
  133. Actors Get $40 to Buy Shoes
  134. Take The Grandkids Along
  135. Get Paid To Give a Speech In a Foreign Country
  136. Discounts on Bike Helmets
  137. $27,000 in Emergency Aid for Artists
  138. Free Passports
  139. Up to $250,000 to Make TV Videos
  140. Major Money Programs for Medical Benefits
  141. Free Online Course on Caring For Aging Parents
  142. Money & Help for Veterans
  143. Seniors Get $3,000 While Helping Others
  144. $200+ to Use Your Car
  145. Bus, Train and Subway Discounts
  146. Money for Auto Repairs, Car Insurance, Drivers Ed, or Just a Tank of Gas
  147. Free Meals for Seniors
  148. More Help in Identifying Real Estate Programs
  149. Ca$h for Seniors Sharing Know-How
  150. 10% to 50% Off Hotel Bills for Seniors
  151. Free Houses Plus Cash to Fix Them
  152. Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
  153. Free Furniture
  154. 50% Discount on a New Heating System
  155. Health Insurance for Divorcees Who Start Their Own Business
  156. Up to $10,000 for Injured Policemen
  157. Published Writerse Get $15,000
  158. $25,000 for Historic Preservation
  159. Grants For Do-Gooders In San Francisco Area
  160. Low-Income Individuals, Communities Start Businesses
  161. National Rehabilitation Association
  162. Free Air Transportation to Send Supplies Overseas
  163. $1,000 for Pharmacists
  164. $2,500 Grant for Federal Employees PLUS a trip to Washington
  165. Grants of $100,000 or More for Songwriters
  166. Over $150,000 for Freedom of Speech!
  167. FREE Training Software for Teachers and Professors
  168. Vacation Bargains
  169. Kids Get Free Expert Care at Hospitals
  170. Up To 100% Loan Forgiveness for Child Care Workers
  171. $25,000 Non-Credit Based Loans for Business
  172. $5,000 to Pay for College Housing or Tuition
  173. $50,000 to Preserve Ecosystems
  174. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling & Treatment
  175. Cheap Health Insurance for Working People with Disabilities
  176. Answer Desk Helps You Start a Business
  177. $75,000 for Businesses Hurt by Imports
  178. Scholarships for Gifted Students
  179. Homeownership for Everyone
  180. High School Seniors Get $2,000 to Study Food & Lodging
  181. Low-Cost Health Care for Native Americans
  182. No Limit on Down Payment Assistance
  183. Helping Your Child Learn
  184. Helping Care for Loved Ones
  185. Cash Bonuses for Agricultural Exports
  186. Money for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
  187. FREE Medication for Those Who Can’t Pay
  188. $100,000 to Support People with Ataxia
  189. Good Teacher Award: $10,000 Grant
  190. Support Group Gives Laughs to Caregivers
  191. Entrepreneurial Loans and Assistance up to $250,000
  192. Computer Repair & Training
  193. You Are Not Alone in Caring for Your Family
  194. $16,000 For Low- and Moderate-Income Women, Minorities and Veterans
  195. Truck Stop Employees Get $2,500 to go to School
  196. Learn Financial and Money Management Principles
  197. Free Weatherization, Fuel Bills, and Rent for Incomes up to $50,000
  198. Nurses Receive Financial Help for Bills